Inquiring Mind (2)

Ok, I hope you read the post titled Doubting Mind (1). If not, please read that post first.

I met a friend a while back, and she was telling me how she hated cooking. I asked how she managed her lunches and dinners and she replied in 2 words – Uber Eats. This app sounded interesting enough and I decided to give it a try. I installed it on my phone and ordered some food from a near by restaurant. I was asked if I would like to track the delivery – of course, I said to the app, and clicked the button to enable tracking.

I could not take my eyes off the app. It showed me where the driver was, what turn she was making, the color of her car etc. Like a child, I observed her bright red car making its way to the restaurant. Mentally I was thanking the engineers at Uber for writing code that could help me track the minutest details. Technology is a double edged sword I reasoned and thought to myself that it is not that bad after all. Maybe I should play with it a little more…..

Once I popped out of my reverie, I noticed that for ten minutes or so the driver’s car had been parked at one spot and had not moved. The car kept moving within the parking lot and finally after 20 minutes or more, started driving towards my home. The driver took a route I was not familiar with.

My doubting mind would have said, why is she wasting her time in the parking lot? Why can’t she just pick up the food and drive. She is probably idling her time. Why did she take the most unfamiliar route? She is probably making a quick personal stop before dropping off my food.

Instead, my inquiring mind said – she is probably waiting for the food and did not get parking. Poor thing, the restaurant is probably crowded and she has to wait for my order to be fulfilled. Time is money. She could have been making money driving someone, instead of waiting for my food. That is a new route she seems to have taken. I must try it next time, perhaps it is a faster way to come home from that restaurant.

So, you see my dear readers.. the difference between a doubting mind and an inquiring mind? The latter is fueled by the intellect and supports a growth mindset.


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