Mow the grass

Every summer it is a ritual for us to attend the community picnic. It is organized by our city in a lush green lawn overlooking a pool. Kids jump into the pool while adults hover on the lawn nibbling at corn cobs and watermelon wedges.

This summer has been different. I have been walking past the empty lawn and swimming pool everyday. We obviously did not have the event this year. Fond memories rekindle every time I pass by. This morning, I went earlier than usual for my walk and saw the groundskeeper mowing the lawn. Only then did I realize that despite events being cancelled , the city had been maintaining the pool and the lawn. It was edged nicely and the grass as bright and lush as can be.

Got me thinking – many of us including me are struggling with different things. For example – my position at the company I work for was dissolved and I was let go. I am sure there are others going through similar lows. Like the groundskeeper, we need to maintain our physical, emotional and mental health. We cannot let weeds grow just because we are going through a valley right now. Upkeep might mean different things to different people. To me it is going for walks every day regardless of how I feel. It also means not being in my PJs all day because I do not have to go to work. I shower, put on well pressed clothes and apply light makeup. It cheers me up.

This too shall pass and the lawn/pool will be full once again. Until then, lets mow the grass.

Positive vibes everyone!


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