Hubby and Me

Howdy my dear peeps!

Can I tell you something? My computer was so badly tangled in digital cobwebs that I could not post on WordPress. Hubby had to do a digital power wash to get my computer up and going and here I am back after a long hiatus.

Back to business – how have ya’ll been?

You know? I have short and stubby fingers (all 10 of them) and I used to longingly look at ladies with fingers so slim and slender that I could write a poem about them fingers! I am talking about my days in college which was erm.. a few decades back. Eventually I made peace with it and now go about my usual nail business without as much as a second thought. I have a point – hang in there.

Hubby has been working from home these past few months and we usually walk around the neighborhood when he has a minute here or a few there. He has a really bad habit of promising me a time slot for a stroll and then not show up. Yesterday I just lost it. I was so mad at him that I did not have dinner with him.

This morning as I was walking by myself, a thought came to me. Just like I have made peace with my short and stubby fingers, why not make peace with hubby’s idiosyncrasies and just accept them as part of the relationship? He has 10 other nice qualities that I do like and 8 others that I dislike (ahem). We do have fun except for incidents like the above when I get mad at him.

Just like my fingers, he isn’t going anywhere, so why not make peace with it and move on?


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