Making new memories

Happy New Year!

On January 1st, we went on a trip to this beautiful seaside town, I was driving. Kiddo had severe motion sickness due to the hairpin curves and threw up in the car. We somehow made it to the parking lot which was full. We pulled up alongside a house to get her out for fresh air and also to swap drivers so I could be with her while hubby found parking. It took about 3 minutes for what I described above. In these 3 minutes we had two extremely rude women walk up to us and let us know that we were not parked in a proper parking spot. They laughed at our face on how we broke rules and muttered under their breath (unfortunately for them, we are really good with the English language and could understand everything they were saying). Anyway, hubby drove off to find parking while kiddo and I walked to the sea wall. Jan 1 was doomed after that because we were all very sad at hubby not being able to join us on the walk and also about the rudeness of those women folk.

We came home and talked about it and somehow moved on with the day. Jan 2nd rolled in and I had a plan. I wanted to erase the memory of Jan 1st and replace it with a new and more pleasant memory. Off we went to the seaside town on Jan 2nd, I even wore the same pink jacket and denims and drove. We tried to replicate everything to the last detail. This time we pulled into a parking spot and walked as a family to the sea wall. We even hiked up to the cliffs and were presented with gorgeous views. We clicked lots of pictures and came back happy and content.

Jan 2nd – Foggy but bright
Jan 1st – Sunny but dull

My point being – we all have bad memories from time to time. and we do not have to live with them. It is better to wipe them off and replace them with new memories for our own mental health.


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