Happy Birthday Cherry

I am wondering how many of us are walking away from abundance because we cannot believe our luck.

It is Cherry’s birthday on Jan 7th and Petco very generously gave her 1 lb of treats for free on her birthday (we are rewards members). Anyhoo, I excitedly brought her home and placed the whole bag in front of her on her cushion and she jumped out of the cushion and cautiously sniffed the bag. She could not believe that she would receive this bounty.

We are talking about a girl who can smell food a mile away. She has been walking around the bag not believing her luck.

My wish for Cherry on her birthday is that she receives her gifts with open paws without analyzing the situation too much. Yes, miracles happen (like mommy actually checked the promotions tab in gmail and caught this email on time, but you do not need to know all that.)


Happy Birthday my love, the best dog in the whole wide world!


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