I am a lighthouse

Ok, not literally 🙂

Did you read my post titled Inner Light?

Those two words really stirred my soul. Do I have Inner Light, I started wondering? Umm… I do not think so. So, how do I cultivate it? Before cultivating it, I need to define it, yes?

My definition is – a light within me that acts as a light house during turbulent times. Imagine I am on a boat enveloped by darkness and do not see a light house on the shore or anywhere around. How do I navigate? It is with this inner light that I sail to safety.

I am happy with the definition so far, are you? If not, try and come up with your own and post in the comments section if you are inclined. Moving right along, my next question is – what constitutes this inner light.

For me:

  • Being able to speak the truth without hurting anyone
  • Being able to process my anger without burning anyone
  • Acknowledging my fears and finding the courage to move forward
  • To make value based decisions and be happy with my decisions
  • Being able to forgive myself
  • Being able to forgive others for my sake

Tall order eh? The year has just begun so I have plenty of time to walk the talk :-).

Cheerio, until next time.


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