Room Temperature Butter

Why is room temperature butter important in the first place? Because butter has certain unique properties that distinguish it from other fats used for baking. It’s solid at room temperature, but unlike other saturated fats, it’s whippable—in other words, it’s capable of holding air. This is important in baking because during the “creaming” stage, in which butter and sugar are beaten together, the sharp edges of sugar crystals cut into the soft butter to create air pockets. This action aerates the batter or dough, which helps lighten the final baked good during baking. For baked goods where lightness is a prized attribute—almost all cakes, some cookies—it’s important to start with room-temperature butter. (Reference –

I know what you are thinking – what is up with her this morning? A 101 on baking?

Well, well, well …

I am a baker and have found that room temperature butter is far easier to incorporate into a recipe than cold refrigerated butter.

Got me thinking – what if we started our day everyday at room temperature? Some of us wake up (me included) overwhelmed by the to do lists and happenings of the day. As we are having our first cuppa we think about the 300 items we need to get done in the next 24 hours. As a result, our day gets off to a cold start and only goes down hill from there.

Instead, what if we get ourselves to room temperature by noticing how much we have accomplished already – for example after I wake up – I pray and play a leading role as breakfast maker, water bottle filler, dog walker, dishwasher loader/unloader, miscellaneous problem solver. If I focus on all these things first, instead of the things yet to be done, I am already at room temperature, yes?

So my dear readers – think about what might get you to room temperature first thing in the morning- maybe you have a similar list but also go for a walk, do yoga, journal, read, get the kids ready for learning (the list is endless).


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