My neighbors gave me lemons, I made lemonade

How about some Monday fun with the title – got your attention, yes?

Seriously though, my neighbors love me so much that whenever they have excess lemons, they just leave a sack at my doorstep. I have to look at the bag to know who might have left it.

Back to my story , so I had excess lemons in my refrigerator and had to do something with them. I decided to make lemonade!!! tada…

I made three batches of lemonade:

Batch 1 had too much lemon juice and not enough sugar.

Batch 2 had too much sugar and not enough lemon juice.

Batch 3 had the right balance of equal parts tang and equal parts sugar and perfect for my taste buds.

I wondered if the Universe was teaching me an important life lesson. What makes life interesting is equal parts sweetness and equal parts challenges. Let me explain:

Don’t get me wrong – I want my life to be filled with sweetness. I also feel that I grow with every challenge. So equal parts of both keep my life in balance. The next time I have a challenge, instead of complaining, I will just tell myself that I am having the 3rd batch of lemonade, nothing to be surprised about ..


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