Mandala Therapy

I have always wondered how people come up with these intricate geometric patterns, so, I decided to create my own today. When I started, all I drew was the big circle, then, I let me imagination and creativity take over and moved my hand per the instructions from my mind. In fifteen minutes, this beautiful pattern emerged. Not only that, I was gifted with so much insight about myself.

Here is what I realized about myself:

I am a good problem solver. Any time there was a problem line or circle or pattern, I made it into something else. When you look at the finished piece you probably might not notice where I made those errors.

I realized that I am not very coherent with my thoughts and speech sometimes. I start with one train of thought and forget the initial topic and branch into other sub topics. How did I discover that? Well, if you look at the flower radiating from the center dot, you will notice that the lines or veins of the flower need to emerge from the tip of the petal. I completed a few petals that way and then lost track of the original patterns and made the veins from different points in the stem. How do I apply this to my life? When I give feedback to my family, stick to the original point instead of taking detours and letting several pieces of feedback emerge.

I also realized that I do not like to have free time on my hands. How did I discover that? Well, initially the mandala had a lot of open and free spaces. I felt the strong urge to fill those white spaces with dots or tiny flowers or half moons. Lesson learned – for my own sanity I need to keep busy at all times. Free time and doing nothing is not an option for my mental health.

Who knew, that an afternoon with a mandala would provide so much therapy? Try it. All you need is a piece of paper, ruler, a pencil and a big lid to made the circle. Let your creativity takeover and see what you end up creating.


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