Howdy my dear readers,

Have you ever trekked up a mountain? I have ! – I once trekked up to a base camp in the Himalayas (seriously, I am not spinning yarn here). One of the main things we got coached on was to carry the right amount of luggage on our backs and nothing extra.

A few weeks back, kiddo came home crying one day and I naturally asked her why. She was upset that her friend had not shared a very important life change she was undergoing and the difficulties that came with that transition. I absolutely felt bad for my kiddo because she was super upset mainly because she (kiddo) wanted to carry the load for her friend – being an empath and all.

At that point in time, I had nothing to offer kiddo but my hugs and warmth. Later, I recalled the very important instruction that was given to me while trekking up the mountain – “If you can manage to carry your load, that is more than enough!”

I am not asking anyone to not be empathetic , but just to make sure that you do not take on more than you can carry. As friends, relatives we often feel obligated to support one another, but we need to take care of ourselves too, yes? Be gentle and redirect the person who is hurting to a grief counselor, or a therapist or share books that have helped you.


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