Do this before you judge

I could see the horror in his eyes as I sped on the freeway. He was clutching tightly to his seat and his knuckles were white. He was swallowing fiercely and alternately looking at his watch and at the freeway. He seemed to get his composure only after his drop off at the tutoring center.

This is not a dramatic intro to a short story I am writing. This happened to me when I used to be an Uber driver.

Ready for the ride?

I used to get annoyed by drivers of cabs and other vehicles when they took a circuitous route home instead of following the road the way I was used to —- until I became an Uber Driver. I became an Uber driver because I was doing a Life experiment and I did not know it would teach me a very important lesson.

So back to the guy in the backseat of my car. Uber had matched me with my first ride and I was pumped. I picked up this man and he wanted to get dropped off at a tutoring center which was right there but I decided to follow the map that the phone suggested. So instead of following the direct and easy route, I followed the circuitous route much to his dismay!

This taught me to literally put myself in the other person’s shoe before judging. One can read books and seek advice but nothing ever comes close to practical wisdom.

Fast forward life – kiddo is learning how to play the piano and is making mistakes that sound terrible. Instead of judging her, I started playing the piano and realized how difficult that piece was.

Do before you judge has been my takeaway and it has served me well so far.


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