Strength and Conditioning class

So, howdy ya’ll?

As you know, I have been trying to lose some extra pounds and have been trying out all sorts of workouts. Recently, I attended a strength & conditioning class at my local gym. The teacher asked us to pick up the lightest of weights (2 lbs for me), raise our arms to shoulder level and pulse until she asked us to stop. Easy enough, yes? Hmm, try doing that for a good 2 minutes. My arms were burning and I was muttering every curse word under my paling breath. She asked us to put the weights down and I felt on top of the world and my arms thanked me for it. The only solace I got was that I was at least building my muscles.

Photo Credit: Alora Griffiths (

Got me thinking that holding onto a grudge / holding on to the past is similar. Even the lightest of them cripple your mind, body and soul. We all have the option of putting the load down and experience the relief but we hardly do that. We hold on to those memories and succumb.

Why torture ourselves like this? Let us all think of a mental load we are carrying the next time we hit the gym, and put those mental weights down for ever. Let us start with a light grudge or memory (2 lbs) and work our way up to – dare I say it (a 100 lbs?)


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