Root Chakra Tune up

  1. Something that makes my life better than average – Cherry, working out when I please- because I am a SAHM and I can afford to hit the gym whenever I wish! Oh yeah!
  2. Something that excites me – Good music (Bad Habits on repeat currently), dancing, working out
  3. Something that challenges me – perseverance
  4. Something that keeps me warm – my fuzzy socks from Costco
  5. Something that keeps me going – my workouts
  6. Something that keeps my stress in check – books and TV (not in that order)
  7. Something that reminds me where I came from – all my relatives 8-(
  8. Something that confirms I am human – making mistakes, binge watching TV after swearing that I do not need TV in my life
  9. Something that was given to me “just because” – my looks (hey now, my parents were both very good looking)
  10. Something I could live without (but would not) – Shh, I made hubby cancel our Netflix subscription, but in reality, I cannot live without it (my watchlist – Grey’s Anatomy, Chrisley Knows Best)

Credit for the questionnaire – I picked up a work book titled The Chakras from Target and these questions were listed there. Now you know why the text color is red (no? red is the color of the root chakra)


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