Sacral Chakra Tune up

  1. Something I love to cook or bake – Good old banana bread with lots of walnuts. It tastes like the one you get at Starbucks.
  2. Something crafty I have always wanted to make – Knit a chunky woolen blanket with those giant needles (Michaels has them)
  3. Book I totally want to read – Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews
  4. Person who makes me feel good about myself whenever we hang out – my yoga teacher (I nail the poses every time and she seems impressed 🙂
  5. Activity I have done once and would love to do again – I had enrolled in a pencil sketching class and loved it. I would love to do that again, there is something about graphite on paper …
  6. Something I have always wanted to try – travel on a whim. Show up at the airport and buy a ticket to Mongolia maybe and listen to Mongolian throat singing (I am not joking, look it up on YouTube)
  7. Place I enjoy watching the world go by – looking out my kitchen window, I see kids coming back from school, neighbors walking dogs, neighbors not picking up after their dogs, neighbors gossiping about other neighbors, neighbors perusing other people’s trash cans – my oh my – the news is endless.

So, why is the text orange my dear readers? Orange is the color of the sacral chakra.


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