Heart Chakra Tune up

  1. I am good at time management, planning and execution.
  2. I am someone others can turn to when they need help and connections.
  3. A secret inner quality I have that I don’t share with many people is that I actually enjoy meeting people and am a social butterfly. If you met me , you would think I am an introvert!
  4. I have done some difficult things in my life. Like put up with an obnoxious room mate for three years, cut off contact with people who were no where to be seen when I needed them and made some decisions around the health of my parents.
  5. I have some pretty cool dreams. I want to travel the world and learn about different cultures and traditions. I also want to be an expert in any one subject.
  6. I notice and appreciate special qualities in other people, such as, their ability to never indulge in fatty foods, meditate regularly and a sense of humor.
  7. In my life health is a priority and I always take the time to workout.
  8. So, I may not be the most skilled person in the game, but I am a hard working parent and do the best I can given the circumstances.

Its all about self love people.

Questionnaire credit – Root Chakra Tune up


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