Food food everywhere!

I am a friendly person and talk to just about everyone. I have made many friends at the gym and enjoy my interactions with the ladies. An interaction last night, left me bewildered and shocked.

As usual, I was catching up with a “friend” after a workout and she seemed disinterested in talking to me. Every time I tried talking to her, she turned away and addressed someone different in the group. She was not interested in walking, talking or interacting with me in general.

I was upset and thought about it for a while. Come to think about it, when you are on a cruise, the very first day is the best – food everywhere. One tends to load up the food tray with a couple burgers, a few cup cakes, a gelato cup or two and so on. However, on the second, third day one tends to avoid the same foods that are in abundance.

I have offered myself sincerely and wholeheartedly to all my friends and they do not seem to want my care or concern, because it is probably in abundance. I need to learn to offer myself up in small doses, so the novelty is not lost.

Tough lesson to learn but worth it. Better late than never.


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