Road Rules

I was on the freeway this afternoon heading to Petco to pick up Cherry from her haircut appointment.

We all know that the carpool lane is the fastest lane, the middle lane is for slower drivers, and if you are in the right lane, that means you would like to keep your speed to the bare minimum. Now that we have established the rules of the road, I saw a car move from carpool to the middle lane, then to the rightmost lane. The driver sped ahead of everyone and was making good time because that lane was moving pretty well.

Made me think, sometimes we work in great companies/institutions, study at great colleges/schools which is like driving in the carpool lane. At times, for our own benefit, and for getting ahead in life, we need to leave the carpool lane and move into slower lanes so we can speed ahead. We don’t need to stay in the carpool lane if it is not serving its purpose (getting to your destination faster, keeping you positive and happy, etc). Makes sense?

Let that sit with you for a moment.


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