Thought Experiment

Happy New Year Ya’ll.

I’ve been a bit lazy and so did not write much last year. But, I am back.

Today, I decided to keep track of my thoughts and log them. 5 minutes into the experiment, I was exhausted and could not log every passing thought. So, I modified my experiment to log only the top thoughts that stuck with me through out the day.

My observations:

  • Just like a ball popping machine, my mind spits out thoughts every few seconds. It is very tiring to follow every train of thought. I understand why it is called “monkey mind” swinging from branch to branch.
  • I got so fed up that I started listening to music as a way to distract myself. No thank you mind, unless you have something insightful to say, I am not pondering over the color of the drain cover on the street, or why a dog walker is sitting with his dog and not walking it, or why pedestrians never adjust/share and swallow the entire sidewalk making it difficult for others (such as me ) to walk.
  • In order to listen to my mind, I need to give it a task or a job, such as, I need to workout today even though my refrigerator is being delivered around the same time window. How do I workout and be home to get it installed. My brilliant mind came up with a brilliant plan – workout in the garage, it said. Ok Sean T , here I come.
  • If my mind is in a traffic jam (last bubble- page 2), I need to direct it out of the jam, by distracting it with other tasks, like walking Cherry, gardening, cleaning or cooking(where I am physically doing something) vs eating or reading, because the latter allow the mind to wander more.

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