Heart Chakra Tune up

I am good at time management, planning and execution.I am someone others can turn to when they need help and connections.A secret inner quality I have that I don't share with many people is that I actually enjoy meeting people and am a social butterfly. If you met me , you would think I am … Continue reading Heart Chakra Tune up


Root Chakra Tune up

Something that makes my life better than average - Cherry, working out when I please- because I am a SAHM and I can afford to hit the gym whenever I wish! Oh yeah!Something that excites me - Good music (Bad Habits on repeat currently), dancing, working outSomething that challenges me - perseveranceSomething that keeps me … Continue reading Root Chakra Tune up

Strength and Conditioning class

So, howdy ya'll? As you know, I have been trying to lose some extra pounds and have been trying out all sorts of workouts. Recently, I attended a strength & conditioning class at my local gym. The teacher asked us to pick up the lightest of weights (2 lbs for me), raise our arms to … Continue reading Strength and Conditioning class