The Universe delivered

Did you read my post ? I was in search of a few good friends this Black Friday. Boy oh boy did the Universe deliver. Spill the beans you say? Ok, here goes .. I have been doing a 10 week course that ended last night. I was in a breakout room with another person … Continue reading The Universe delivered


Bees and Roses

I like to watch my roses bloom every spring. As spring rolled around this year, I was disappointed to see no roses. Well, one or two but not as many as I expected. I went closer to pluck a few. There were tons of bees on the rose plants and they kept buzzing around my … Continue reading Bees and Roses

Letting go – I just may have cracked the code.

I pretty much take Cherry everywhere I go. We were attending a play date at a park one time and Cherry was as usual the star of the show. She rolled in the mud, licked everyone and we were having good old fun. She was getting a belly rub when a kid looked at the … Continue reading Letting go – I just may have cracked the code.