My lighthouse

From time to time, I get lost in a deep dark ocean with turbulent and choppy waters. I find it difficult to stay afloat and breathe. Then, I draw strength from the lighthouse shining far away. It gives me hope and strength to make it through, and find a silver lining in the cloud. Deep … Continue reading My lighthouse


My Aha Moment

I have been struggling ya'll. I have been wandering like a piece of paper carried by the wind - flying, landing, getting stuck, getting unstuck, torn etc etc. My faith in the Universe (God) is part of my identity and I felt unhinged from God. As I went for my daily morning walk, I drew … Continue reading My Aha Moment

Room Temperature Butter

Why is room temperature butter important in the first place? Because butter has certain unique properties that distinguish it from other fats used for baking. It’s solid at room temperature, but unlike other saturated fats, it’s whippable—in other words, it’s capable of holding air. This is important in baking because during the “creaming” stage, in which butter … Continue reading Room Temperature Butter