Annuals vs. Perennials

One could feel the excitement in the air. I was all set up to connect with a long lost friend - I had not heard from her for 20 years and had suddenly found her on FB. I did my hair, applied light makeup and talked about the e-meeting all day. When the said time … Continue reading Annuals vs. Perennials


Chromebook vs. iPad

As you might already know I am an avid reader. With libraries being closed and all that, I turned my attention to e-books. Hey, I need oxygen and books - no judgies! My library offered several choices of e-books and just looking at all those colorful titles on my Chromebook got me very excited!!!!! I … Continue reading Chromebook vs. iPad

A very short story of porcupines

This story is from the book 'Confucius From The Heart'. A good moral for healthy relationships. A family of porcupines wanted to huddle together during winter months for warmth. When they got too close, they pricked each other. When they were too far, the could not trap the warmth. By trial and error they found … Continue reading A very short story of porcupines