My Aha Moment

I have been struggling ya'll. I have been wandering like a piece of paper carried by the wind - flying, landing, getting stuck, getting unstuck, torn etc etc. My faith in the Universe (God) is part of my identity and I felt unhinged from God. As I went for my daily morning walk, I drew … Continue reading My Aha Moment


Beginner’s guide to spirituality

Sometimes I get frustrated at how convoluted explanations are. All I need to know is 'what is soul' or 'what is consciousness'. The scriptures take me down a long winded journey of a few weeks or even months and I finally come out either more confused than before, or with a clear picture (60-40). My … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to spirituality

Bees and Roses

I like to watch my roses bloom every spring. As spring rolled around this year, I was disappointed to see no roses. Well, one or two but not as many as I expected. I went closer to pluck a few. There were tons of bees on the rose plants and they kept buzzing around my … Continue reading Bees and Roses