My blooming cactus

Now I can say that I have seen it all. I have never ever seen a flower on a cactus. Got this plant on a whim and watered it every day and protected it from those $%^& ground squirrels. Today, I went to water it again, and saw these gorgeous beauties!! I was left speechless. … Continue reading My blooming cactus


Mandala Therapy

I have always wondered how people come up with these intricate geometric patterns, so, I decided to create my own today. When I started, all I drew was the big circle, then, I let me imagination and creativity take over and moved my hand per the instructions from my mind. In fifteen minutes, this beautiful … Continue reading Mandala Therapy

I am an alchemist

Aloha, Namaste, How are ya'll today? I had a very interesting afternoon today and wanted to share my process of coping. So here goes. I am a person who likes to keep everything prim and proper and in its place. Kiddo is the exact opposite. She leaves things around even after repeated reminders. She washed … Continue reading I am an alchemist