Room Temperature Butter

Why is room temperature butter important in the first place? Because butter has certain unique properties that distinguish it from other fats used for baking. It’s solid at room temperature, but unlike other saturated fats, it’s whippable—in other words, it’s capable of holding air. This is important in baking because during the “creaming” stage, in which butter … Continue reading Room Temperature Butter


Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 2)

STOP - Read Part 1 for context. As a coping mechanism, I came up with a list of items I know for sure. I wrote in my journal the following: Plants growTime healsI can retrain the vine As I was journal ling, a thought crept up on me like a soft cat. It said , … Continue reading Dealing with negative uncertainty (Part 2)

Beginner’s guide to not give a damn

My mother was a strong willed woman. It was inconvenient most of the time to deal with her, but it also worked in her favor. My sibling and I were little when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given a few weeks to live. We were all worried and cried quite a … Continue reading Beginner’s guide to not give a damn