Do this before you judge

I could see the horror in his eyes as I sped on the freeway. He was clutching tightly to his seat and his knuckles were white. He was swallowing fiercely and alternately looking at his watch and at the freeway. He seemed to get his composure only after his drop off at the tutoring center. … Continue reading Do this before you judge


I am an alchemist

Aloha, Namaste, How are ya'll today? I had a very interesting afternoon today and wanted to share my process of coping. So here goes. I am a person who likes to keep everything prim and proper and in its place. Kiddo is the exact opposite. She leaves things around even after repeated reminders. She washed … Continue reading I am an alchemist

My neighbors gave me lemons, I made lemonade

How about some Monday fun with the title - got your attention, yes? Seriously though, my neighbors love me so much that whenever they have excess lemons, they just leave a sack at my doorstep. I have to look at the bag to know who might have left it. Back to my story , so … Continue reading My neighbors gave me lemons, I made lemonade