Cracked Open

I made my monthly trip to Petco and purchased potty bags for Cherry’s perusal. The company had changed the packaging, and mindlessly I stuffed the purchase into the closet for future use.

Hubby took Cherry out for her bio break and came running into the house. He said he needed potty bags pronto. I directed him to the closet and asked him to get the bags since I was busy. He came back and said he could not find them. We looked together and I handed him the bags from the new package which he had failed to see, even though it was right in front of him. Hubby howl(er)s I know!!

Everyone tells me and you that we need to find our true purpose in life – why were we put on this earth? What is that career path where you do not work a single day in your life, because you are passionate about it and it ceases being work…..

Once we have that figured out, we are all set to ride into the sunset.I have humbly and not so humbly asked many times ‘But pray dear sir/madam, how does one find his or her purpose in life?’ I think we all struggle with this question.

I have looked high and low for this answer and finally, I came across some insights that satiated my thirst. True passion / purpose in a nutshell, is when we cease doing something for our benefit. True passion / purpose has under and overtones of selflessness and service. I am sure we all have the one thing that we do, to spread joy, or bring more positivity into other people’s lives. Look at all of us bloggers – we do it so that we can make a difference in at least one person’s life. Every time I blog, I think to myself- someone needs to read this today. I wish him/her well.

A fine example of some one living out his true purpose would be Elon Musk. His cars are pure magic. Did you know that his cars have a setting for when you leave your dog in the car to go shopping, the car has climate control and air circulation so Rufus can be comfy? I mean who would have thought of that? A person like him is not after money, fame, status, awards for best engineering etc. He wants to make safer cars, do good for the planet – humans and non-humans included. His passion and dedication to this cause shines brilliantly through his innovative auto products.

So, my dear readers – my question to you is this. What is the one thing you do for the sheer joy of it, and you feel selfless doing it. Your only goal while doing this task is to be of service to others. That my friends is your passion. If you feel called to comment on your passion, please do so. I love to learn 🙂

What then is my passion you ask? It gives me great joy to take care of others. So, my ideal career might have been in the nursing industry, culinary industry or hospitality industry.

It has been right under our noses all along, hasn’t it?


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