Bovine Digestion

*****Warning – Please read this blog post after lunch.

I went to a social event recently and a bunch of us were standing around and chatting. This other couple joined the group and greeted everyone except me, hubby was not with me at that moment. Yaah! that happened!! I excused myself and searched for hubby darling who is conveniently absent for most of such occurrences. We made it home and then it all began.

“But, why did she not greet me”, I asked hubby. I went and made tea and came back and asked the poor man the same question as a different question “What on earth have I done to tick her off?” After he drank tea, I dropped it off in the sink and came and sat by him and asked “Why do people hate me?”

You my dear readers probably get the drift. I am a ruminator (I just coined the term, the dictionary ought to add that). I obsessively think about things long after they have happened and it is draining 100%.

I have finally turned a corner and hope that I am cured. On an episode of the podcast “Hidden Brain”, Amy Summerville who runs the Regret Lab (ahem!) says that rumination is akin to bovine digestion. Cows eat, chew, vomit – chew the same vomit, swallow and spit it back again and eat it back again.

Now, the next time I am caught in an endless cycle of rumination, all I need to be reminded of is bovine digestion. That rumination will stop right in its tracks.

Now how entertaining is that for a Friday afternoon? 🙂


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