Solar Plexus Chakra Tune up

  1. Five things that really fan my flames – learning something new (a new recipe, a nugget of information etc), good music, dance, working out, caring for Cherry
  2. I am most passionate about – learning and applying the knowledge
  3. I am happiest when – my advice benefits others, when I have made a healthy meal for my family and taken care of their health and mine
  4. I feel like my personal talent wheelhouse is – caring for others
  5. I wish the world would – be kinder
  6. I am on a mission to – find ways to care for more dogs
  7. I am intrigued by – the human body
  8. I bet I could someday learn how to – speak French
  9. I am planning future trips to – every place on the planet. I really love travel and adventure and want to see as much of the world I can before I evaporate.
  10. I am inspired by – Dolly Parton & Ava DuVernay and would like to adopt their qualities of going after your dreams and turning them into reality and maybe open a shelter for dogs and care for them

Questionnaire credit – Root Chakra Tuneup


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