Third Eye Chakra tune up

The third eye chakra is there to help you look past limiting beliefs.


Some limiting beliefs I have about myself:

  1. I am not good at – anything
  2. I cannot – do anything for a sustained period of time
  3. I won’t ever have – friends

Where did the beliefs come from:

  1. People around me at college were super competetive. When I played volleyball, I played for fun, not to win or lose. I would often be swapped out for a stronger player even when the outcome of the game was unimportant. My friends would call me incompetent to my face and that left a deep impression on my psyche. Why recently I was learning traditional dance from a teacher who called me slow and dull to my face.
  2. My sibling very helpfully pointed this out. I am a person who likes to move on quickly if something is not working. I put in some effort to make a project work, at some point when I realize that it is a waste of my time, I tend to move ahead instead of being stuck. My husband calls that a smart move and my sibling calls that , well do I need to repeat myself?
  3. I have to thank my sibling for this one as well.

Flipping the script:

  1. I am good at – caring for people around me and I am also learning self care.
  2. I can do something for extended periods of time if I really want to. Take for example the fact that I have been drinking warm water with lemon and honey every morning for the past 25 years without fail. I also have been working out every single day for the past 25 years. Though I have had ups and downs, Cherry is still with me – she is a very difficult dog but I have stuck with her.
  3. I have so many friends at my new gym that it is unbelievable. Why yesterday my neighbor pointed out that he loved wood working and would be happy to fix a broken wheel barrow in my front yard. I guess the Universe made me wait for the right people to enter my life.

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